People Are Changing Their lives

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"I had a private Skype Call with Cindy. She was so easy for me to open up to, I found I could talk with her on a personal level without feeling judged about things that I have held deep within my heart for over 50 years, things regarding many types of abuse, severe blockages, spiritual blocks and also areas where I think I suffered self-loathing or self-hate.  She removed these blocks, pain and suffering, with such ease and grace, I felt some things go with a whoosh, other things started to get lighter and lighter than they were gone, my body felt some things with a slight pain as it was leaving.

I feel that Cindy has healed me especially in the area of abuse, violence and trauma, right now I feel like it’s the first time in my life I can breathe deeply, as I write this I can feel a deep smile within myself, I cannot explain, but the feeling is absolutely amazing, Her kindness, gentleness and understanding as well as the work she does was nothing short of a miracle for me.

I have had healings in a few different modalities and these particular areas that were dealt with today had never shifted in the past. I feel so blessed for the wonderful healing work that Cindy did on me today as I can finally move forward, plus I really liked her accent, she is a very talented healer and a beautiful person, thank you so much Cindy many blessings to you xxx"

~ Holly G,   Australia

Bj testimony


Thank you for your gift of time and love because God has really used your skills and anointed you to help me through the finish line.” ~E



I felt light coming down through the top of my head and heard God saying ‘This is what it feels like to be financially secure & abundant.’


Colon is doing better, pain is down and I can eat more things than before. YEAH!”


Just to let you know, my eating has really changed... no evening snacking... thank you!


“I saw flashes of abuse, then the picture would shoot out of my body, shrink and disappear.

It was cool!   And I felt good.  I feel free from all the ‘junk.’

 I FEEL Bubbles of Joy
"I’d wake up in the mornings feeling broken. Now I feel bubbles of joy."
~ Glenda J







“Cindy facilitated with confidence and kindness being considerate regarding my situation and what we worked on.  I also have observed Cindy facilitate others and she does it with ease... she's a gift and I highly recommend her to anyone. She is also skilled with her modalities and helped me redefine my business to another exciting level as well as has helped me with some health challenges. Great things are happening. Thank you Cindy!”

 ~Joan Cameron  -- Transformation Coach and Instructor, Portland, Oregon


  My Sales Climbed by 100 Percent!

"I had a booth last winter and sales were low. Cindy did a

balance with me and sales climbed.  When feeling I need

another boost in sells Cindy is right there for me. My fall

was good for business, plus my husband received a good

Christmas bonus after the first year. AWESOME!!!!"

~ Betty Betts, Pampered Chef Consultant (Usborne website)


“I’m a new teacher with some difficult challenges! I have been working hard on class management and setting routines with students resisting the process and resenting me for taking their last teachers place.  I did a report balancing with Cindy, and the next day students were happily engaged in class and I smiled and complemented them repeatedly! Wow! What a difference one session with Cindy made. Thank you :)-happy teacher in Texas


I loved the money balance today with Cindy. I felt a huge release during the part about releasing money wounds. Also during the process of releasing struggle- when Cindy mentioned forgiving parents I could feel a wave of heat and release of energy. Thank you 
~ Linda Oneness


"We are taught as children to emulate the behavior that our parent’s thought was acceptable. I was shunned and reprimanded for my genuine nature all my life. Cindy helped me see that which I had forgotten - how to be my authentic self. Generosity and giving are part of my nature. She has re-awakened that in me. Thank you. I feel more alive when I share my gifts with others.”
~ Ramona Beville, Integrative Nutrition Coach, CA



"Cindy is an amazing soul and I am SO BLESSED to have her as a colleague. Recently, with my own launch on FHTJ, I knew that I was experiencing some financial blocks that it was high time I release!
After speaking with Cindy she did a money balance for me as well as a balance on my personal power. She confirmed that I am connected to money and gave me several prosperity belief statements to work on. I barely knew Cindy when we had this interaction, but she was spot on with the limiting beliefs that I was struggling against: especially those connecting money and personal self-worth.
After Cindy performed her work, I received two different emails from contacts that I had made at a recent festival asking to work with me and I’ve been continuing to find new opportunities to make a difference in the world while making a difference in my bank account at the same time.
Thank you Cindy, I am so glad that we have connected!"
~ Shannon Wallace,  Shamanic Practitioner 



I received profound results, when I was talking to Cindy and mentioned when there was a lot of drama showing up in my life, not in my own life because I have a pretty balanced life, but  a lot of drama showing up through friends. My friends were going through stuff and I was being pulled into their drama. And then of course I realized at some how, some level I was creating drama. So I mentioned this to Cindy and she did a clearing and 'BOOM!', not only did those friends resolve all their drama I was then scheduled to go to an International trip, across the world to Pakistan, which is usually a lot of drama for me,  and it was completely drama free, completely! And it was  amazing, so I definitely witness the power of your work. It was powerful.

It's wonderful to see someone not only transform their life, but help so many other people on this planet with their issues. And you definitely are a naturally born, powerful amazing light worker. Keep up that fabulous work."

  ~ Eram Saeed, Telesummit Host



"I wanted to update you on just what happened after this chakra balancing session.  It was night time when we had our session and when I awoke the next morning I looked more radiant and younger and even now two days later I am sure I look better.  Second when my husband awoke the next day he was feeling really unwell and had the day of work.  When I checked in with my guidance, your healing was such that it had shifted my husband and he has been energetically up-levelled also (this is from my spirit guidance).  All this within 48 hours.  Wow Cindy.  Please use this as a testimonial of you would like."

Much love and gratitude, ~ Davinder Khaira


I loved the money balance today with Cindy. I felt a huge release during the part about releasing money wounds.  Also, during the process of releasing struggle- when Cindy mentioned forgiving parent's I could feel a wave of heat and release of energy. Thank you

~ Linda


“My marriage turned to happiness and hope and healing.”

“This week I had a session and what an amazing person to work with. She was easy to talk to and I could open up my issues immediately, concerning problems within my marriage and having trust issues.  After every balance we did and reprogramming of new beliefs I could feel my heart smiling.  It felt like an instant shift.  Just amazing!  And I am seeing better results in my marriage. Thank you Cindy for all You Be.”

M.E.   - Africa


“I’ve been noticing that I now have a very high sense of well-being, clarity and focus in the last few days.  Business is flowing well. Thank you for the remote healing you are sending.”

  ~ Melinda


"Cindy has great intuition and is able to hone into exactly what is needed to heal the issues. She always muscle tests everything before and after. This gives me great confirmation. I love her gentleness and patience. She is defiantly one of the most powerful healers that I have ever worked with.

Thank you Cindy for your integrity in serving the light so beautifully."

Mai, Texas 


 "I was blessed to have a session with Cindy.  What I thought was an uneventful session turned out to be the exact opposite.  As we worked through different topics and releasing them, I felt a physical shift with each one.  Cindy was able to lock that new sensation in.  

It was easy and so subtle that I didn't give it much of a thought as we ended our session. 

It wasn't until a few days later that I realized how light & carefree I felt.

Took me a minute to relate it to our session. The cool thing is I could even remember what we had worked on.   


I jumped at a chance for a 2nd session with Cindy.  This time we addressed my insecurities, jealousy and anxiousness in my close relationships and   setting goals. She helped me see the details, how important it is,  with how this felt and what it looked like.  She then had me lock in those feelings.   Again, I felt the shifts as we worked.  Cindy is so easy to talk to.  It has been nice to just simply release the old feelings and lock in the new.   The new feels like home. "


"I feel like I won the lottery when I have been blessed to work with Cindy one on one, and when I listen to Cindy's recordings helping us "Heal Our Wounds."

My subconscious mind was frozen in trauma and it would not allow healing to penetrate it. I was "on alert" 24/7 and exhausted from this state of mind.

Cindy's healing skills were finally able begin to thaw and heal my subconscious mind and reprogram it quickly with the truth to be healed forever.

The modality she uses, PSYCH-K, works with the whole brain to create new empowering beliefs.

I believe she was a gift from God at exactly the moment when I was ready to give up and accept my stressful life.

I believe you will enjoy working with Cindy and I highly recommend her."

~Eileen, TX


"Cindy helped me get my enthusiasm back for exercising and eating better. My doctor said if I did not lose weight I could die. So far I have lost 20 pounds and enjoy the amazing feeling and healing I receive. She helps me continue my work on my weight loss goals when I need it. She also helped me get rid of writers block and I went on to finish publishing my book."
~ J, Oregon


“This is more highly effective than anything I’ve ever tried. I learned & changed more in one day than I have in 25 years with a therapist. I had not spoken to my mother in ten years, we don’t see eye to eye. And I have done some things in my past she has not forgiven me for. After my session, I was feeling great and the next day I actually called mother and we talked.  Now, we talk daily and without arguing. I can tell by the way she talks, the acceptance and joy in her voice, something shifted for her too. This I am grateful for. I plan on calling her on a weekly basis now.”
~ Howard



"Amazing, amazing, amazing!! Cindy is a powerful light, teacher, nurturer and I feel strong to say she is a mother to many because of her love and Christ like ability to heal. She has helped me physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. One of the issues in my life I needed help with was ‘relationship’ with my husband. We were not communicating, marriage problems, I was ready to throw in the towel.  Cindy had us do a balance ‘together’ in creating new beliefs. After we both felt very supportive and loving toward each other and now, we are in a happy state of love and friendship, a togetherness."


Betty 1.jpg

Recovered from childhood sexual abuse & trauma

"I had a session with Cindy concerning my poor eyesight. When Cindy asked me what my eyes were trying to tell me, I had to think about it for a minutes and started to cry. The answer was, “It hurts me when I tell myself I’m ugly.” And memories of my childhood past abuse came up.  I had done a lot of healing concerning my past, but sometimes things do still come up that need to be dealt with and healed. 
I can now say I have put my past behind me, hate is gone, I sure feel a whole lot better. 
~ Linda, CO