• Cindy Lybbert

Quarantined?....What the......!

Wow! Never in my life did I think I would see a huge pandemic,...and world-wide! I don't think I need to go into the details, we've heard about them for the past month on the news and Facebook!

Well, I certainly hope you are safe and well. And I pray this ends quickly and with peaceful results. In the mean time perhaps we can turn this into a learning situation,... more time with the family,...getting things done....checking things off that old 'To Do' List, reading those books we've meant to do....! And what about those of us who work home and not feel the effects of being 'quarantined'. LOL...We introverts.

Now that I'm using my time well...I decided why not squeeze one more thing in and start a blog. Who Mawh?!! And how can I stand out among all the bloggers and from those who are in the same business as me?

Well good question. I will have to figure THAT out as I go along. In the meantime, I hope I can bring you something that can help inspire you. Perhaps I can find those who resonate with me and my gifts ;)

So who am I ? I'll leave that in the next post. I forgot I was talking about the Covid-19 thing. What I am inspired to do, even tho it may be late in the game, but hey, I had to find inspiration to get out of bed, off the couch, and shut the freaken fridge!... I decided to finally jump aboard and be seen more and heard more... oops now there I go again about myself!

I mean, I hope to bring more videos and inspiration to you here, on videos, and youtube and why not, Instagram. I have some fun ideas and I might as well 'Just go for it' and accomplish my goal to be seen heard, popular, rich, and help everyone around the world heal from their wounds. And have fun doing it ;)

I do have some wonderful testimonies and stories to share with you and hope you can share some inspiration or your story with me. Perhaps you can give me some ideas.

Enough chit chat. I'll soon have that video channel up, (I have it started but need to do a few more videos), and then I will share.

The Inspiration I would leave now is a poem I love that help me get through the rough times. And it is more heart loving to me since my sister gave it to me and she has passed away. Love you sis.

Hugs, Blessings, & Chocolate,

Cindy Fay Lybbert

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