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Do You Have A Home Business?

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

With the Quarantine going on I do not feel stressed because I am home anyway! LOL, but I still need to plan my day so I am enjoying the present, staying grounded and not stressed over the issue of the Covid-19. And I am an introvert, so if you are one you understand perhaps we are not as stressed as an extrovert.

Needless to say, if you are needing some ideas so you don't go stir crazy try these:

1. Read a good book

2. House cleaning, the detail stuff that never gets done,

3. For you men,... it's the garage and yard work :)

4. Journal about your experience, fill pages with great (google) quotes and throw in or print off some of the funnies you see going around on facebook about what others are saying or wearing as masks :)

5. Start writing your book

6. Facetime, Call or Live chats on Facebook to loved ones

7. Learn to bake or cook,.... you have a cookbook at home? Need some great recipes:

8. Get your children to create draw/write a book

9. Think of ways you can help others: Take a meal over, pick something up at the store for elderly people, etc.

10. Best of all...... essential oil bath, popcorn and a great movie that'll make you laugh: Lucille Ball or I Love Lucy :)

If you have a home business and need a break do any of the above or create a new package, quick and easy one, and launch live on Facebook. Keep the price low to begin with...$10 or $20, for a group session on Zoom, Create a new video for YouTube,....

which is my goal to get done and accomplished by the end of the week.

Happy Hunting and Creating ~

There are all kinds of things you can do, you may have already did most of those, but hang in there, "This too shall pass."

And I hope you are safe and healthy.

Join my Facebook group if you haven't yet, I post great nature videos for quick meditations and coming out soon with some great products. Also check out my page here with the free gifts.

Love & Blessings,


Best quote of the day: The Magic is YOU!

"The Life-force is an energy that surrounds and penetrates all living things. Perhaps the same can be said of love. The intimate connection between the life-force and our love is one of the great and persisting mysteries."

- Richard Gordon, Founder/ Author of Quantum-Touch

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