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Betty White, Optimist, Icon

Betty (January 17, 1922 – December 31, 2021, age 99, a few weeks before her 100th birthday, if Google is correct) was an American actress and comedian. I adore her, ...always funny, laughing, and I remember reading about her saying she is/was an optimist.

I wish we could have kept her longer :) I am sure Heaven is enjoying her company.

Being an optimist surely has it's advantages and she lived a healthy fun life, always on the go, always making others laugh, always do-ing,...

See where I am going with this? I think we should all follow her pattern. I've been an optimist all my life, but challenges surely have given me my share of discouragement and depression.

So what can we do to over come sadness, depression, despair?

It starts with loving yourself first. Then...

1. Every time you look in the mirror, say 'I Love You Gorgeous.'

2. Watch Betty White :) shows, I Love Lucy, Carol Burnett (the funny women who love to

entertain and make us laugh.

3. Write a gratitude journal.

4. Seek professional help if needed.

5. Read a good book

6. Prayer

7. Good music

8. Travel

9. Write to someone in appreciation, and yes, put it in the envelope and MAIL it with a

Stamp,... like we did in the old days, collect those stamps!

10. Make something, draw, paint, take a class, photography, write a story or a book, visit someone in need (that'll make you forget your own problems), attend church and find meaning and purpose, meditations, start a notebook with your favorite quotes, sayings....

What would YOU love to do?

And stick with it, on a daily basis, so you can turn your gloom into joy. We've all heard (the above list) before. It is nothing new. Yet, the KEY is to actually DO something and KEEP doing it.

This New year I pray you find joy, health, and prosperity. And when I am feeling down in the dumps I will remember the great Betty White.


Here are some downloads for you:

I am perfectly healthy! YES

I am wealthy & properous! YES

I love life and find joy in the little things! YES

I comfort others & find purpose in daily living! YES

I always attract good in my life! YES

I AM an optimist & enjoy every day in every way! YES YES YES

"I'm a big cockeyed optimist. I try to accentuate the positive as opposed to the negative."

~Betty White


God bless you,


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