Cindy's Lybrary

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House Clearing

This music is designed to clear out negative energies in the home, leaving your home feel clean & peaceful

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Heart Chakra 

This song is designed to clear and balance your heart Chakra. 


I Say YES To S$uccess NOW - infused meditation, affirmations

Carries the frequencies for prosperity.

Meditations Coming Soon


The Sacral Chakra -

Success & Abundance

Watch this video to clear, balance and restore your Sacral Chakra, for maximum results watch for 21 days.  Repeat affirmations. 

Music is gentle and pleasing and frequencies for Success & Abundance are recorded and downloaded in the music. Enjoy ~ :)

Happy Customers

"I felt I had a power serge clearing and healing. My first experience with energy was with Cindy and I felt this 'swoosh' through my whole body. I felt this cleared the darkness I had been in. It was a wake up for me."     ~Holly, Australia

"Thank you for all your time and effort to help me heal. I can see where the blocks were and how to proceed in living a "healed" life.   Thank you for your gift of time and love because God has really used your skills and annointed you to help me through the finish line."     ~Eileen, USA

"I had terrible back pain from straining it because I was carrying boxes.  I had to use crutches to get around. After a Quantum Energy Touch Session, come evening my back felt better and I no longer needed the crutches."    ~Carrie


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