Meet Cindy


"If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterfly's."


Cindy Fay Lybbert is a testament to the power of faith and the courage of spirit. Through courageous perseverance and keen desire to thrive, Cindy overcame personal life challenges and discovered a new calling to be of service to others.

She is dedicated to helping men and women all around the world release limiting beliefs and clearing blocks, pain, & struggles which opens the door for positive shifts, new beliefs, and changes in their lives.

Clients report miraculous results from working with her on a variety of issues ranging from resolution of childhood trauma, personal empowerment, improved relationships, career and financial improvements, grief & loss, the resolution of physical conditions, and much more.

Cindy's STORY


Cindy Lybbert began her healing journey 30 years ago. After going through a divorce and becoming a single parent with two young children, she heard Divine's voice say, ''It's time to heal."  At first she did not understand what that meant. She soon realized the impact of those words and it would forever change her life.

Dealing with stress, fear, and anger took a toll on her health. She was not sleeping or eating and she was dealing with depression.  Cindy went to 2 different doctors, hoping for a cure, only to be sent home with an anti-depressant, because at that time she had no health insurance. She learned she could not take drugs because it caused a lot of side effects and she could not depend on doctors.

While struggling with the divorce, single parenting, loneliness, and PTSD, she embarked on healing herself through listening to God's voice via meditation, journaling, exercise, prayer, and reading good uplifting books.  Although seeing a therapist helped her get through the rough spots, after 6 months she felt her therapist could no longer help her.  She needed to heal from the inside out.

Fortunately, a friend introduced Cindy to The Academy of Healing Arts, which was a strong answer to her prayers.  As she studied & practiced certain healing modalities including Reiki, therapeutic touch, energy healing, reflexology, massage, essential oils, meditation & kinesiology she began to heal from the inside out.  Once certified, Cindy heard the Divine voice again say, 'Now, take it to the world.'

With her new founded work, Divine Sacred Energy Healing, she helps women all over the world heal from depression, fear, and suicidal thoughts who can find joy and rise above their wounds and creating miracles in their lives. She has helped men and children also.  All of their transformations bring delight and joy to her and proves to her that healing is possible, and with God's help,.... anything is possible.

Love, Light & Blessings,

Cindy Fay Lybbert

  Health & Wellness PSYCH-K® Facilitator

  Divine Sacred Energy Healer

  Host, Speaker & Author

Center Stage with Chantelle Adams


I won a certificate to Chantelle Center Stage, held in Beautiful Kelowna, BC Canada,  I had a wonderful time and made new friends.  
I'm on the front row and on the right.

* * * * * *

"To each one of us is given in some degree the power to create and distribute happiness,

and that is about the best thing any one of us can do. There is no surer way to keep the

fire of happiness burning in our own hearts than by sharing its brightness with others."

~ Helen Keller


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