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Are you ready for a Quantum leap forward in your life?


Transform your life with individual heart based healing sessions. 



What are you searching for…

Less stress and worry?
Better relationships?

Overcoming grief & loss?
Reduced health concerns?
Increased financial security?
Greater spiritual connection?
Peace in the midst of chaos?
Ways to experience joy in your life?

Better self-esteem, more personal power?

More importantly, you are searching for something that works!

To get the changes you are looking for, do something different…


Transform your beliefs - you transform your life.

Open Yourself to a Bright New Day of Living 


Cindy is Certified in multiple heart based healing modalities:

Reiki,  Kinesiology 

Meditation Guide

Loving Your Life Coach

Quantum Energy Healing

Master PSYCH-K Facilitator

Tapping into Wealth Coach

Thrive Energetics Facilitator

Chakra Scan Healing Facilitator with Divine Prayer

mBraining: Using your multiple brains to do cool stuff

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"...be transformed by the renewing of your mind."

 ~ Romans 12: 2

Meet Cindy


Cindy Fay Lybbert, is a testament to the power of faith and the courage of spirit. Through courageous perseverance and keen desire to thrive, Cindy overcame personal life challenges and discovered a new calling to be of service to others.

     She is dedicated to helping men, women, & children all around the world, release limiting beliefs,  and clearing blocks in their energy systems  which opens the door for positive shifts and changes in their lives.

     Clients report miraculous results from working with her on a variety of issues ranging from resolution of childhood trauma, personal empowerment, improved relationships with loved ones, career and financial improvements, Grief & Loss, the resolution of physical conditions, and more.

"My goal as a coach is to help people find clarity, peace, transformations and rediscover their drive so that they may live the life of their dreams."  ~Cindy


Keep your heart, soul and spirit open to miracles.

Disclaimer:  Cindy is not a physician. Her work is complementary to and supportive of necessary professional health care and her work is not intended to replace any medical treatments. If  you should have a dramatic improvement in any condition after working with Cindy, do not suspend or change any medical treatments or prescriptions without first consulting your health care professional. Adjustments will be made if necessary. Her work is on an energetic and spiritual nature.